What Is The Best Repellent For Rat?

By | April 9, 2020

The problem of rodents and small animals reaching in human establishments and harming it is not new, as early as Stone Age, the habitat of animals and humans crossed one another’s path and interfered in the living of one another. Since then we are finding ways to keep the pests away from the homes and prevent the destruction caused by them.

Types of mouse found in the house!

What Is The Best Repellent For Rat?

There are various types of mice found in our homes. The main three most common types include the house mouse, deer mouse, and the white-footed mouse. All of them have different physical characteristics.

The house mouse is the smallest of all of the above. It is of grayish-brown color with an almost hairless tail that is longer than its own body. While the deer mouse is of grayish brown to reddish-brown color, with white-colored underside and feet, with a tail of size less than half of its body.

Why mice are dangerous?

Rodents especially mouse can be dangerous because of a variety of reasons. Some of the dangerous issues caused due to their presence are-


Mice often chew almost everything except metal, wood, and hard substances, and turn them into shreds. They might chew to make a nice and comfortable nest somewhere in the corner to breed. But it causes a lot of trouble as some of your expensive dresses, important documents or even food might be simply destroyed by the mouse, and cause trouble to you.

Disease carriers

The mouse can transmit various diseases to humans, by biting, scratching, or even by their droppings. These diseases can be long-lasting and if turn to worst can cause deaths too. Some of the diseases caused by the mouse are:

  1. Lymphocytic choriomeningitis (LCMV) – this is a viral infectious disease that spreads by urine and saliva of rats.
  2. Black Plague – It mainly transmits from fleas which bite rats and then bite humans thus transmitting the disease
  3. Hantavirus- This is another disease transmitted by rats which can be fatal.it transmits by fleas or by the dropping of the rats.
  4. Salmonellosis- It is caused when someone consumes food or water which has fecal matter secreted by mice.

Infect water and food

The mice at house can infect the food and water source at homes, thus leaving no choice other than throwing it. Therefore, might cause a lot of wastage of food and water which could otherwise take into use.

Eat up your food

A mouse on average can eat up to 10-15% of its body weight and grow in size hence the bigger the mouse the more it eats and grows more in size, therefore these mice can eat up the food in your kitchen as well as stocked food items, which can cause huge loss.

Litter the place

The mouse may leave a large number of droppings anywhere in the house which not only makes an unhygienic condition but also bad odor all over the house.

How to save your house from mice invasion?

What Is The Best Repellent For Rat?

  1. Keep the place as much clean as you can to avoid the growth of a mouse which generally loves a dirty, closed place.
  2. Let more sunlight come in and keep the place as airy as possible because mice love covered and dark places
  3. Even if doing so somehow the mice growth is seen in your house go for rat repellants.
  4. Choose the best rat repellant, repel mice.
  5. In case no. of mice is very less, one can also make use of cages, which capture the rat and then leave them away from your house.
  6. You may even go for various pest control programs, provided by various companies, which are in this field.

How do repellants work?

There are mainly three types of repellants available in the market, they are

  1. Scent type – these repellants, drive away from the mouse by its mere smell. Mice may find the smell irritating and therefore might not like to visit your place. These are available in powder form, granules or plug-ins. These are safe for kids at homes but might not be so effective for bigger and strong rodents.
  2. Ultrasonic repellants – these devices make use of high-frequency ultrasonic sounds which the humans in the house might not hear but can be very irritating for rats. These are also toxic and poison-free, thus safe if the kids are present in the house as none of them can hear even a dim sound.
  3. Toxic Poison- It is the most effective, and directly kills the rat which consumes it. However, this method is dangerous if kids are present because the repellant contains poisonous, toxic chemicals that might be dangerous not only for rats but also for children.

Safe house choices which act as rat repellant.

What Is The Best Repellent For Rat?

If you do not want to buy any special equipment or repellant, you can try some home remedy which might work as rat repellants and can be a good choice Some of the home remedy to drive rats away are:

  1. Dried urea: Cow dung when dried can act as a natural rat repellant. Rats when consuming it become ill and start vomiting, hence one can use this eco-friendly, method to get rid of rats.
  2. Mothballs: even mothballs used at homes have a strong and pungent smell which the rats do not like at all. Hence it can also act as a scent-type rat repellant and is easily available at the house too.
  3. Bay leaves and peppermint: Bay leaves are some sweet-smelling herbs that attract rats, but when consumed by rats can kill them. And the strong aroma of peppermint also drives away the mouse and can be used as a safe rat repellant in houses.

So choose the best rat repellant according to the conditions at your home, e.g. if kids are present it is recommended not to use the poisonous type repellant as might be dangerous for them as well if the no. of rats are too much, they may be even the home remedies won’t work, so you might go for ultrasonic machines.

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